Joshua de Guzman

Project Title

Xonio Android


XONIO strives to become the main cash-in method for the underbanked in Southeast Asia, providing access to millions of people to the larger token economy. Users will be able to purchase tokens via prepaid telco airtime (top-up credits), easily the most prevalent store of value in the region.


Mobile Software Engineer

Role Description

Responsible for architecting the core modules and features of the app. Utilized RESTful APIs that feature airtime conversion to XON tokens (based on Ethereum), and e-commerce module which allows you to purchase digital items using these tokens. Integrated Android Jetpack, Kotlin/MVVM and Android Clean Architecture to write the software with long term scalability plus keeping maintainability and security in mind.


Xonio Pte. Ltd

Company Description

XONIO Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore private limited company established in March 2018 to manage and supervise all aspects of the XONIO project. The Company firmly believes in its vision of empowering prepaid mobile users in emerging markets to embrace blockchain technology and its advantages.

Project Year


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