Joshua de Guzman

Project Title

Xeleb Live iOS


Xeleb Live is a mobile application where you can follow and connect with friends, personalities, and celebrities in real time. Its flagship feature is the live streaming of videos exclusive from the country’s renown celebrities and individuals, where fans can comment and send gifts in real time to their favorite streamers.

For the iOS project, it’s mainly built for the celebrities and verified content creators where they can start a live stream, track their earnings and gifts and review their transaction history.


Core iOS Engineer

Role Description

Despite being an intern, I already shared the expertise that led me to be part of the pioneer iOS team for the project. Programmed the core codebase and project architecture in native iOS. Pioneered automated UI tests written in XCUITests. Coordinated the integration of real time comments and leaderboard for live streaming. Engineered a lightweight download manager for the preloaded assets to be used in the application.


Xeleb Technologies, Inc.

Company Description

Xeleb Technologies, Inc. or "Xeleb" is a technology company engaged in the creation and development of digital products and services, with a particular focus on the creation and development of celebrity-branded and themed mobile Casual Games and Content for consumers. We offer an expansive portfolio of products and services comprised of: development of celebrity-branded and themed mobile Casual Games, celebrity-branded and themed mobile consumer content, development of Enterprise Software, and system integration including support services for the Enterprise Software.

Project Year


Technologies Live Streaming WebSockets Push Notifications SMS RESTful APIs Available on Google Play Store Let me prepare a coffee