Flutter Everywhere, For Everyone

by Joshua de Guzman

Flutter is a powerful UI toolkit that allows you to build apps for multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and the web. We will discuss how you can get started using Flutter, the development tools and plugins that can boost your productivity, and we’re going to create a simple real-time chat application.

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I. Get Started with Flutter


Extensions for VS Code

II. Dart and Flutter tour

Exercise #1 - Dart Variables

void main() {
    String firstName = "Elon";
    String lastName = "Musk";
    var age = 0;
    // Outputs a statement or value
    // String concatenation
    print(firstName + " " + lastName);
    // String interpolation
    print("$firstName $lastName");
    // Inferred variable has a type of int, let's try changing its value
    print("Age is ${age + 5}");

Exercise #2 - Dart Functions

void main() {
    String firstName = "Elon";
    String lastName = "Musk";

    // Function with no return type

    // Function with a return type of String
    print(getFullname(firstName, lastName));

void sayHello() {
    print("Hello DSC!");

String getFullname(String firstName, String lastName) {
    return "$firstName $lastName"; 

Exercise #3 - Dart Classes

class Planet {
    String name;
    int radius;

    Planet(this.name, this.radius);

void main() {
    // Create a planet object with type Planet
    Planet earth = Planet("Earth", 6731);

    print("${earth.name}'s radius is ${earth.radius} KMs.");

Exercise #4 - Flutter Simple Column

Exercise #5 - Flutter Horizontal Challenge

Exercise #6 - Flutter List

Showcase - Flutter Nike Shop

III. Building a real-time chat application

Technical Setup

IV. Flutter beyond mobile



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