Joshua de Guzman

Project Title

Racing Royale 2P


An exciting 2P split viewport based game that contains almost all necessary vehicular functional controller with NOS system. Surpass all laps the right way and win the game. Includes immersive 3D models, realistic sounds BGM & SFX and cool HUD assets that makes playing the game more thrilling!


  • 2P split viewport racing game
  • High quality car controller system
  • Nitros system
  • Minimap
  • Lap based racing

Enjoy playing it with your friends or… rivals.

This a is fast-draft project for our Game Development course in college.


Game Developer, Unity3D

Role Description

Responsible for the core game functionalities in Unity3D. Programmed scripts written in C#. Formalized the metrics and computations used in the game.

Project Year


Technologies C# C++ Unity3D 2P Available on Let me prepare a coffee