Joshua de Guzman

Project Title

DevFest Mobile


DevFest Mobile was developed using Flutter and Dart. This was the first ever GDG DevFest app in the Philippines ever to be published on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

This app served as the catalouge and booking app of the event. Using Firebase Cloud Firestore for Flutter enabled us to support both online and offline experiences seamlessly for the catalouge app. Lastly, with the proper setup and cost-effectiveness in mind, we peaked at 478K reads, 2K writes, with a total operation count of 553549 while only paying $0.27 after the event.


Lead Product Engineer

Role Description

Coordinated the project with designers, developers and the organizing lead thoroughly and effectively. Lead the development of custom components used in the app, ranging from the buttons, complex screen layouts up to the animation of the widgets. Responsible for setting up the Eventbrite API integration in Firebase Cloud Functions for the user account authentication and ticket verification.


Google Developers Group Philippines

Company Description

Google Developer Group (GDG) Philippines is a group of enthusiastic Filipino developers interested to collaborate and learn more about new technologies.

Project Year


Technologies Flutter Dart Firebase Firestore Firebase Cloud Functions Eventbrite API Available on GDGPH Devfest 2019 Apple Store Google Play Store Let me prepare a coffee