Joshua de Guzman

Project Title

Freightlancer Android


Freightlancer is Australia’s fastest and most advanced freight management platform that is changing the way that we move freight across the country.

We connect freight owners to truck drivers like never before – offering the latest technology to assist with tracking your load, offering insurance and even to facilitating the payment transaction. Transport just got a whole lot simpler.

The development team for Freightlancer are active freight users and over the past few years, have seen the pain points that other load shifting sites are creating, and are very proud to say that our platform is offering huge win-wins without either party losing out at all.


Android Engineer

Role Description

Leading the migration of the Freightlancer App to Freelancer Enterprise. Responsible for refactoring modules such as Post Project, Profile, Payments from MVC to MVVM, to ensure that the codebase will be ready for the migration to enterprise. Integrated features such as Vetting and Documents verification. Working on bug fixes and maintenance of features such as the Location Services, Maps and Authentication.


Freightlancer Ltd.

Company Description

Freightlancer is a combination of a marketplace and management system, but with a global reach. It’s simplifying the supply chain for freight owners and transport companies. Freightlancer services the mining, construction, tunnelling, rail, oil & gas industries, as well as adding the new service of providing rapid metro delivery with the network of over 30 million freelancers from the global marketplace. Freightlancer facilitates the fast, reliable and cost efficient transport of freight while ensuring a high standard of compliance. Freightlancer is a subsidiary of Freelancer Limited (ASX:FLN).

Project Year

2018 - PRESENT

Technologies Android Kotlin Java XML API RxJava2 Dagger2 Retrofit OkHttp MVVM MVC Android Jetpack Firebase Crashlytics JUnit Espresso Available on Google Play Store Apple Store Let me prepare a coffee