Joshua de Guzman


Talks, hackathons, and more!

Some events as a resource speaker

  • Flutter Interact Meetup
    Speaker | DEC 2019

    Flutter Interact Meetup


    Gave an introductory talk about Flutter, and how to create custom widgets.

  • DevFest 2019
    Speaker | NOV 2019

    DevFest 2019


    Discussed how existing native mobile projects can utilize Flutter using the Add-to-App feature.

  • Flutter Intro, Basic CRUD
    Speaker | OCT 2019

    Flutter Intro, Basic CRUD


    Introduced how Flutter can help students to speed up their work, and conducted a hands-on session using the Flutter codelabs.

  • Material Design, Codelabs
    Speaker | OCT 2019

    Material Design, Codelabs


    Shared my thoughts on the Material Design implementation in Flutter, and discussed the MDC 101-103 Flutter codelabs.

  • Flutter Animations in Flutter
    Speaker | SEP 2019

    Flutter Animations in Flutter

    Meetup Blog

    Talked about the implicitly animated widgets in Flutter, and how they can create their own animated widgets rapidly.

  • Firebase + Flutter
    Speaker | SEP 2019

    Firebase + Flutter


    Discussed a simple way of utilizing Firebase Firestore to support real-time Flutter mobile applications.

  • Introduction to Flutter
    Speaker | AUG 2019

    Introduction to Flutter

    Google I/O Extended Manila 2019

    Shared a talk and a codelab session regarding Flutter, plus some real-world examples during the Google I/O Extended Manila 2019.

  • Utilizing RESTful APIs using Retrofit
    Speaker | AUG 2019

    Utilizing RESTful APIs using Retrofit


    Conducted a workshop regarding the utilization of RESTful APIs in Android/Java using Retrofit2 and OkHttp.

  • Mobile Development w/ Flutter
    Speaker | APR 2019

    Mobile Development w/ Flutter

    PADC Meetup Slides

    Shared my knowledge with other professionals regarding the latest cross-platform application framework, Flutter by Google.

  • Reactive Programming w/ RxJava2
    Speaker | JAN 2019

    Reactive Programming w/ RxJava2

    PD Meetup Slides

    Discussed the power of RxJava2 to effectively manage data streams in an application.

Some events as a hackathon geek

  • Freelancer Bugathon 2019
    Best Tooling Improvement | SEP 2019

    Freelancer Bugathon 2019 Article

    Improved Freelancer Android app build time by up to 30.98% during the Freelancer Bugathon 2019.

  • TechXplore Hackathon 2019
    Equal Innovators Award | JUL 2019

    TechXplore Hackathon 2019


    Developed SnapKit, a platform that aims to provide an easily accessible, engaging and gamified shopping experience.

  • Hack 2 School 2019
    Finalist | JUL 2019

    Hack 2 School 2019

    Built the Freelancer IFTTT Server on top of IFTTT platform to channel features with other services vendor.

  • Hacarena 2019
    The People's Choice Award | FEB 2019

    Hacarena 2019 Website

    Lead and built Freelancer Assistant, a chatbot powered by Google's Actions, Cloud and AI plus Freelancer's Developer APIs.

  • Facebook + Tanda Hackathon
    Most Outstanding Developer | OCT 2018

    Facebook + Tanda Hackathon

    Project Article

    Full Stack Software Engineer for the Tandbook Bot, a Tanda chatbot integrated to Facebook Workplace.

  • LRT's Hackatren 2018
    Finalist | JUL 2018

    LRT's Hackatren 2018


    Full Stack Software Engineer for LRTHub platform. LRTHub seeks to create a unified ecosystem (hub) for LRT Railway System.

Some events as a judge

  • Android Masters 2019
    Prelims Judge | OCT 2019

    Android Masters 2019

    Facebook Website

    Was invited to judge at the national intercollegiate competition (Game Category), Android Masters 2019, by GDG Philippines.

  • Android Masters 2018
    Finals Judge | NOV 2018

    Android Masters 2018


    Was invited to judge at the national intercollegiate competition, Android Masters 2018, by GDG Philippines.